3 months - visitors turned into 2449 subscribers

When the customer approached us, they were providing a fast-growing online service. The online business could be considered as a success, as over three months the site had 13,000 registered users and 24,000 daily views. Our client could not track users behavior in the membership area, so converting free members to a freemium membership turned out to be hard.

During the first round of our joint work we assessed the user interface, redesigned the system and picked the URL structure to measure attendance of each page. Then we determined the most important measurement criterias, observed their performance and analysed how each data points are converted to what extent.

We grouped users based on their patterns of behavior on the website, and then we looked at the sales funnel for each user segments and how they converted (sales funnel analysis).

Based on these data, the user groups have been synchronized through API to an automated mareting system.

As a result of the project, we found out what users are doing on the website, where they get stuck. Knowing these critical points we had a chance to help users through these deadlocks with the help of email campaigns.

The analysis, building up the e-mail marketing strategy and drafting actual emails (117 different e-mail based on user segments FindGore) took nearly three months.

The project results after the 3 months showing 2449 was paying user customers (94% of the users subscribed to the smallest package, but we continuously working on it to upgrade them to the bigger membership packages.

When Google Analytics Is Not Allowed

Hungarian subsidiary of a multinational clients due to the global company policies were not allowed to use Google Analytics code. With this condition the company was reaching out to us to become their exclusive worldwide web visitor statistics measuring partner.

After a comprehensive FindGore audit, web traffic measuring code was built into the into the Hungarian website.

The project was so successful that we were asked to extend our solution to other international subsidies as well. The global rollout preparation is in progress. It is planned that FindGore will be global in web analysis by 2017.

Visitors to track also in incognito

A dating website has one million daily visitors internationally though their customer archetype is unknown. The first month we spent analysing the traffic. As a result, we found out what are visitors of the site searching for and what filtering they use when they search. Furthermore, we received exact statistics how visitors scroll through the sites and following what logic they choose a partner.

Since the customer has a number of similar domains within the same country, it was important to be able to cross-domain and to see what is the percentage of the traffic across the sites.

Due to the nature of this industry, we faced with the challange that a significant number of users use the browser in private mode. It was more difficult to identify users during the analysis, but fortunately it was no problem for FindGore. The system provides also a solution to this problem as well.

Rescued business - Preventing Website from shutting down and launching a new website within a week

Our client provides health care services in Hungary for expats.

The website had 1000 daily visitors had at the start, though the quality of the website was so poor (free, unmaintained popular portal engine) that as the first step we had to build a new website. The design and the content haven’t changed but in four days the complete backend infrastructure of the CMS system has been replaced. During the transition we found that several pages were hacked, invisible porn and potency-enhancing links were placed in. The website was dangerously close to be shut down, which practically meant that the site could have lost all its visitors.

One week after the start of the project the FindGore tracking codes were already incorporated into the new website and corresponding measurement points were defined.

It was important to determine that which generated content related to existing services users favor, which blog entries build trust in the readers increasing the number of online bookings and what are the contents that make readers insecure in their buying decision. We had to define the so-called "Red routes" that are the most frequent users before taking through a successful conversion.

The website re-construction was € 2,000. The client additionally paid a fixed monthly fee of € 500 + commission after sold services. Our commissions due to the increased revenue in sales per month is currently more than € 2200. It is a win-win partnership.