What is it good for?

Identify your users →know exactly who is visiting your website, how many users do you have, how much time they spend there, how frequently do they visit, etc.

Segment your users → create user profiles based on the common behaviors of certain groups.

Monitor their behavior → learn the patterns they are following, know their actions (from learning about their overall journey to the filling out of your website's forms).

Understand the dynamics of your site → you can see which are the popular parts of your site, which pages are most frequently visited, self-set the monitoring of precise data about specific key sections of your site, know which user was interested in your prices or webshop, to be able to track them and retarget them.

Why should you use it?

Monitoring tools, due to the complexity of data, usually require a deep understanding of analytics. FindGore is created in a way that even without analytics expertise, through our charts and explained data, you can understand and follow the dynamics of your website.

It does not require any development on your website, only a simple code has to be inserted and the data starts to flow in. Within 24 hours of starting to use FindGore you will already see the key points. Within a week, you can get familiar with how much it offers to you, to prove how you will benefit from the tool in the long run.