The customer journey

Do you know what journey your users go through?

In an ideal world, your visitor arrives at your website and through a few steps completes the purchase. With this sort of action, no analysis is needed... but this never happens.


The customer journey in reality

In reality, your visitor is following a more complex decision process, bouncing back and forth before, if ever, getting to the purchase point. Each and every point in their journey is a risk of losing them, momentarily or forever. With the help of FindGore you can learn about the risk points and the opportunity points at your site, to engage your visitors more and not to lose them.


The importance of data

Data has now become one of the most important assets of every company. Businesses are carrying out more and more analytics on data to get a better understanding of how their users behave so that they can be better positioned in their market place. Data helps them find new solutions, solve problems, sell more products or services and provide for the greater good of the community.

In this day and age, if you are present in the online universe you cannot afford not to monitor the data you are collecting, and more than that, you cannot afford not to tailor your presence to the learning coming from this data.

With FindGore we enable you to monitor your existing data in an easy-to-understand and simple way to make the best out of the asset that you already possess, to turn your visitors into customers.


You have a brilliant product or service, you created and strengthened your online presence, you sacrifice money, effort and energy to get your visitors to your website.

But can you convert them into customers? Is your website ready for it? Can you improve your current customer base?

At the end of the day all of the businesses are aiming for conversion. In most cases it is about sales, but in a broader sense, it is about consumer action. To turn a regular bystander visitor into a customer who carries out a desired action. Even in case of a charity project, when there is no direct sales, you would still want your visitors to take action and through your defined process they should make a donation, spread the word or speak up (conversion points).

Your website should be fit to convert your bystanders into acting users. Your website should guide them and help them in doing so. The question is if your surface is apt for that, your processes are easy enough to be carried out, the forms are self-explanatory enough to be filled out quickly and easily without churn and if you help them sufficiently with push messages, retargeting and any other marketing tools to act as you wish them to.

FindGore helps you to find the points of conversion where you are currently losing your users or where you should be pushing them only a little forward to make it happen.