Our Cookie Policy

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The computer of the visitor (“User”) of this domain and subdomains (“Website”) are identified by so called cookies.

This is a document about the usage of these cookies by Webb & Flow Ltd. (“Company”) as the Website’s hosting company. Cookies are small text files which are being saved on the User’s computer by the browser. The User gets no further notification from the Website about this.

In order to make all content of the Website available the User must enable the use of cookies. According to this by downloading specific parts of the Website, cookies will be placed on the User’s computer. These cookies are necessary for some of the Website’s functions to work. The Website uses two types of cookies:

The collected data is not being used to reveal the User’s identity. The cookies stored by the Company are not being able to reveal the User’s personal details but are capable to identify the User in the digital space in order to handle the User as an identified user next time one visits the Website. The browser’s cookie settings Although the deploying of cookies can be prohibited by the browser’s settings, in this case some functions of the Website may not work as intended or at all. If you want to manage or completely disallow the use of cookies in your browser, you can do this on your own device. The exact path depends on your browser but you can probably set it up under Tools -> Settings/Preferences -> Privacy (settings) which tracking functions are allowed or disallowed on your device.


Analyzing visitor and behavior data The Website uses a system called FindGore by the Company to analyze its visitors’ data.

FindGore deploys cookies on your device in order to monitor visitors and their behaviors on the Website helping the development of the Website to provide better user experience. The the data collected and saved in these cookies (like the time of the visit and the User’s IP adress) is processed and stored in Germany, on the servers of the Company.

The Company uses these data to analyze your visits and behavior on the website, make reports for the operator of the Website and to provide other services about the use of the Website or the internet. By using the Website the User explicitly allows the Company to use the data collected by the us of the Website for the purposes listed above.